Voice Impersonation at Natural Records Studios “Tomorrow’s Cinema Today”


Many places in the world are developing technologies that can quickly and easily transform voices. Because voice transformation technologies are increasingly available, it is becoming harder to detect whether a voice has been faked. The only way to decide whether a recording is authentic is by looking for special cues that are left behind, depending on which transformation method is used.

The important point isn’t that we know how to do this, but that many scientists already have similar transformation methods and that these methods are simple to implement and readily available to anyone in the literature and on the Internet.

To effectively mimic someone’s voice, an original recording is needed of the person you want to imitate. Then you need to find and record someone reading the exact same text in a similar voice, word set and dialect.

The actor that is used needs to do a reasonably good job of imitating the original speaker’s dialect, melody and rhythm, “Our system, for example, is then ‘trained’ on these two parallel recordings and ‘learns’ how to transform new speech into speech that sounds like someone else’s.

Once these elements are in place, all the actor needs to do is say new text with the original speaker’s melody and rhythm, and the system transforms these recordings into speech that will have the same voice characteristics.

Alan Rickman “Professor Severus Snape” as “Jack The Ripper”

Alan Rickman had arguably one of the most distinct, hypnotic voices in the history of stage and screen.

His level and deliberate delivery gave color and depth to myriad roles, including Hans Gruber in “Die Hard” and Professor Severus Snape in the “Harry Potter” series.

As such, he had many admirers – and many actors who tried to imitate that unique Rickman sound. In honor of Rickman’s life and work, I am proud and delighted in my selection of Alan Rickman AKA “Professor Severus Snape” as the infamous “Jack The Ripper” in the”LONDON 1888 THE RIPPER’S HALL” OPUS VICTUS VINCIMUS Tale and Saga!

I hope you will enjoy this “Soul Channeling” experience and stick around for more.

Rest in peace, Alan Rickman. You will be sorely missed.

The Hawk
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